SPIL provides services for the Pulp-Paper and allied Industries in the following fields which resulted in successful business relationship with our clients:

1) Regular Consultancy: Provide regular consultancy in the area of Pulp and Paper industries for better quality and smooth running of the plant. Consultancy in setting up new Pulp and Paper plant. Modernization, Balancing & Expansion of existing Pulp & Paper plant, product diversification and Productivity improvement in the existing Pulp & Paper plant.

2) Engineering: Turnkey Engineering in the field of civil, process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping including installation of plant and machinery and start up of the plant.

3) Technical Audit: Technical audit of existing plant, examining the condition of the mill and equipment, determining sensitivity to changing condition suggesting modification and up-gradation suiting to product to be produced by the customer.

4) Installation: Complete engineering and system designing, overhauling and re-installation of plant at customer site. Installation of Boiler, Turbine and gas engine, complete project implementation and much more.

5) ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant): The process effluents are treated in a biological effluent treatment plant, which guarantees that the effluents are not toxic in the recipient.